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Going to view a property

When going to view a property for the first time it is important to remember what to look for. There can lots of things that you might overlook if you don’t go in prepared so its better to be safe than sorry.

Here at Town and City Homes in Dartford we have put together this simple list of things to remember when viewing a property for the first time.

  • If the house is on a main road, try to come back at different times of day and night to judge noise level, traffic and safety.
  • Always check the outside of the property before entering. Check for any noticeable defects, for example: the roof; tiles, chimney and guttering.
  • Check the condition of the windows 
  • Check any paving to make sure it is not cracked or loose.
  • Check parking on the road if there isn’t  driveway or garage. Can you park easily?
  • Check any gates and make sure they are secure and not damaged.
  • Always view a property with someone else. Take a friend go with your partner or with the estate agent, for that “extra set of eyes”.
  • Once inside check all fixtures and fittings, ask whats included and check the quality.
  • Look out for damp patches in particular, on the ceiling or at the bottom of walls and check behind large furniture and fittings if you can.
  • Make sure you ask about the plumbing and heating. How old is the boiler? Does the toilets flush properly and does the water heats up quickly?
  • Check for any work that has been done on the property and if there has, be sure to request for receipts and guarantees.
  • Go in the loft and check the insulation and condition of the overall loft space.
  • Check the bills and council tax so you can get a good idea of the running costs of the property.
  • Make conversation with the seller and build a relationship as they are more likely to accept an offer from someone they like
  • Most importantly check that it suits your taste and you get a good feeling when entering the property!

Using this checklist and your own checklist for things you want to see will make going to view a property that bit easier and you will know exactly what to look for.

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