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Preparing your property for viewings

When preparing your property for a viewing just remember that first impressions are everything. Make sure your house is not only tidy inside but it is crucial that the outside look just as good.


Simple things to remember are as follows.

  • Cut the crass
  • Tidy any shrubbery and cut back anything that overlaps a pathway or driveway
  • Tidy plant pots and hanging baskets. Take out noticeable weeds and unsightly plants.
  • Water your grass in the summer so it looks healthy and green
  • Tidy up and remove fallen leaves
  • Clean all your windows inside and out
  • Sweep paths and look for uneven/loose paving
  • Clean any garden furniture you might have
  • Keep black bins out of sight


Once the potential buyer is in the house you need to make them feel at home and you need them to imagine living there.  Here are some key steps that might seem simple but are quite often overlooked and forgotten.

  • Smell. Make sure the house is free from odours and has a light yet fresh smell. In summer open all windows and get fresh air circulating the house.
  • Make sure there is enough light in the rooms and throughout the house. Draw back all curtains and open any blinds.
  • Make sure light bulbs work in every room especially in dark ones, underneath the stairs and in garages.
  • In winter make sure that the house is kept warm so they feel welcomed.
  • Make sure all carpets and floors have been hovered and cleaned and any stains removed.
  • Fluff up all the pillows and straighten all the curtains.
  • Make sure all beds are made and all clothes are put in drawers and cupboards.
  • Don’t leave any clutter lying around either tidy up or put out of sight.
  • Dust all appropriate surfaces even the ones you can’t see as you canbet your money they will touch something that you might of overlooked.
  • Make sure you clean all kitchen surfaces and appliances thoroughly so they are free from grease and other unwanted food stains.
  • Lighting in a kitchen is key so make sure you turn them all on.
  • Empty kitchen bin before every viewing.
  • Make sure your cupboards are well tidied.
  • Make sure your bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and smells fresh with fresh towels, nicely placed, adds a nice touch.
  • Make sure the bathroom is well heated so it doesn’t feel cold.
  • Replace any soaps and toilet rolls that are running low and store away any soaps and shampoos that you are not using.
  • Hide anything that you don’t want anyone else to see, out of sight.
  • Make sure tiles and grout are clean and all your white goods are sparkling.

Get into the habit of checking all these details before any viewing and guarantee yourself peace of mind that your house will sell itself.


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