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Renting a house advice

Renting a house or flat is now more common than ever. With house prices now on the rise and without the long term tie in’s, renting a house can seem very appealing for these and a variety of other reasons.

At Town and City Homes we manage a wide portfolio of houses and flats that are up for rent throughout Dartford the rest of Kent and the South East.

If you’re young and want to move out by yourself then renting a property is the perfect way to do so, you don’t need to have a huge deposit saved up like when buying a house and you don’t have to go through the stringent and often stressful application of getting a mortgage. These points coupled with the fact you can move out when you need to (once you have handed in your notice period) makes it easy if you have to move away or find somewhere bigger.

Renting isn’t just for you young adults, people of all ages rent property through us for many of the same reasons.

Once you have decided to rent a house or flat there are a few options you can consider in order to save some money. For example, if you’re young and single living in a house share can save you huge amounts of your hard earned cash each month. If you are a fairly sociable character and don’t mind living with others then this is a great alternative to renting a whole property by yourself.

If you’re a couple renting a flat is usually the most common option for most. A one or two bedroom flat is enough space for most couples these days and this will keep the costs down on both the rent and bills over renting a larger flat or house. Flats are normally found in more built up urban areas where public transport is right on the doorstep which is very appealing and often a necessity for a lot of people. However a drawback can sometimes be parking and lack of outside space, which should always be considered.

Families and couples that need a bit more space will usually rent a house as there are very few flats that go over two/three bedrooms. With renting a house you often get more perks which come at a premium and houses are more often a little bit further out from the main built up areas of towns and cities. Parking, a garden and much bigger living spaces are the key things many families and some couples will be looking for. Downsides are perhaps longer commuting times to work and often away from the usual amenities.

Most of the properties we have for rent are managed solely by us so you can have the confidence and peace of mind that you won’t necessarily get if you go through private landlords.

We are fully regulated by trading standards so the services we provide are always up to date and of the highest quality. We hold your deposit securely with the Deposit Protection Scheme in the case there would be any disputes and we make sure if there are any, the process is handled both correctly, fairly and legally to the terms of your contract. The legal contracts we have in place protect both you the tenant and the landlord and we make sure you understand everything by using plain English instead of legal jargon. If there are any maintenance issues with your rented property, you simply make one phone call to us and we will assess the problem and hire the necessary contractors on the landlords behalf with a view to resolving the issue/s as soon as possible. If you rent privately this can cause problems if in an instance you cannot reach your landlord and/or he/she is unwilling help with the issues.

If you’re thinking about renting a house in Dartford or the surrounding areas of Kent then get in contact us today where our team of experts can help point you in the right direction. Alternatively please look at some of our properties that we currently rent by clicking here.