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Take a look at our plan of how we can achieve the best results for your property.


Maximum coverage is the best model for most properties, and this includes the all the big portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market, Boomin and naturally our own website. There is a growing interest from what we call the inactive buyer from social media advertising.

The most successful sites to generate interest now seem to be Facebook and Instagram. The inactive buyer, is a term we use to describe buyers who may end up buying your home, but they were not actively looking at the time they saw the advert. It could have just caught their attention as they were catching up on their social interests.

This helps to drive extra buyers to your home and in turn will help achieve the best price and buyer for your own personal timescales.


Effective communication is key, right from the first point of contact. Service standards have increased, and people work different patterns, and all should be looked after, so being available for questions and to help buyers stay engaged whatever time of day or night we believe is essential to maximising interest and delivering a great level of service.

We have a message service available for all enquiries 24/7. Communicating to buyers the benefit of your property is done at first through the advert and brochure. The description of the property must highlight the benefits for living a) in this particular location, and b)in this particular property. Pictures alone will not be enough to attract the best buyer. Information is key for buyers and if they can imagine themselves living there and relate to the lifestyle then they are more likely to

a)view your home and

b) buy your home.


Most buyers prefer being shown round by an agent. This works well for two main reasons.

1 – Agents should know what the key features the buyer is looking for and can highlight these on the tour. Our agents are also trained to look for buying signals which can be missed and potentially could result in losing a good buyer. Also the feedback we get at the viewing tends to be more honest (as they may feel awkward telling the owner) and can help with any advice moving forward with marketing.

2 – it takes a lot of pressure off our sellers and allows them to take any pets out making the viewing as smooth and as effective as possible.

Choosing the right agent and the correct marketing price determined by proven statistics and comparables being offered at the time is essential to achieving great results for your property.

Find the best buyer for your home


Decide on the best marketing price to achieve the most interest from potential buyers and to achieve the greatest result for our clients (hopefully you).


Recognise the type of buyer this property will appeal to most and the reasons why. By doing this you can focus the marketing to entice, excite and tap into their desires.


Good quality photography is one of the most important parts of generating interest as this is the first thing prospective buyers will see. 360 degree walk throughs and videos are also great tools to enhance the marketing and generate additional interest.

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